Aberdyfi's coxes deserve recognition!..
great coxes achieve great results.....

Aberdyfi’s Coxes make a difference in the Aberystwyth Races

During a series of Joint League longboat races - designed to see which crews are the best in Wales - and where Aberdyfi showed that they are still the best!- it is worth noting that much of the success lies with the cox, who can often be the unsung hero or highly discussed villain!

Ian Brown coxed both the ladies and men’s first teams to race wins.  In the mixed race Ian pulled off an audacious move, cutting through a gap between 2 longboats that was no more than a few inches longer than his boat, at speed and in rough conditions. This brave move put his crew in prime position for the next buoy turn where they were able to overtake on the inside 3 other boats and led to his crew winning the mixed vets trophy!

Alun Stedman coxed a number of crews including helping out an Aberaeron mixed team.  This Aberaeron team told me that Alun was the best cox they have ever had and as a result achieved their best race result this season!

John Eddington coxed in the mixed race with great authority and his powerful voice at times seemed to command the whole fleet  - not just his own crew! 

Ian Andrews

Posted: 15:15:35 - 03/08/2011

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