Ocean to City race on June 4th
Congratulations to Aberdyfi crew!

Well done to Tom, John, Alan, David and their great cox Ed - rowing as Aberdyfi Vets they were the second celtic longboat to cross the finishing line, fifth out of 41 taking the Ocean course, and fourteenth overall out of 96 finishes!  A  great result!
 Aberdyfi finished in a time of 2hrs 55mins and 16 secs, narrowly beaten by only I min and 24 secs by the first celtic longboat home- Aberystwyth vets!
John commented after the race....
It was very tough!
We had a good start and led the field of Celtics right from the beginning and rowed out to sea in reasonable conditions with a slight chop against the tide.  It was a hot, sunny day with northerly swirly winds, so we had to feather at times and there was a lot of side wash from passing motorboats and craft etc, which was quite a nuisance.
We held the lead for the first half of the race- about 90 mins - but Aberystwyth were always nearby.  They rotated their rowers- which included their cox - and this gave them a fresh pair of legs for the middle section.    This is where they eventually overtook us as we had a weak patch, but we came back at them in the last 40 minutes and kept the pressure on, but were unable to catch them.
Little Ed did a fantastic job finding all the marks and keeping us going throughout the race.
Alan had a great row for his first race and only his eighth time ever in a longboat - in fact this was only the second time that we had rowed together as a four!
Tom had a great race and managed to keep the stroke rate below 40 - in fact we cruised at 30 for the last hour, keeping the length, especially on flatter water.
Tom recovered very quickly after the race and is incredibly fit!  He also eats a lot.
During the race I drank 4 litres of fluid, which is in fact considerably more than I drank after the race as I was too tired! 
Cork was a great  place to be and the people are very friendly... we may be back!
.. and David added...
It was great but I think we could have done even better with more training together and concentrating more on tactics.
Aberystwyth -who beat us by such a small margin - used five rowers instead of four rowers and a cox, so were able to rotate rowers every 30 minutes. After they overtook us we started to catch them in the last part of the race but couldn't quite make it......every time we got close they switched rowers again.
Saying that, our cox Ed could not have done a better job - he was fantastic and other coxes commented on what a good line he took....     so watch out Mr Brown!
Will we do it again?  I certainly will if Aberystwyth are... they are definitely not having the last laugh!
And then we can buy one of them and wear it for your bridal. If the second hand prom dress design is not suitable as your desire, some alterations or modifications can be done at least a month before the bridal. We can add or reduce material for the blue prom dresses as you wish. Or make it fit to your body as well. 
...and Alan and Ed will be back for more rowing and races...
It was a fabulous weekend and the race was the obvious highlight.
As a first race I don't think that Ed and I could have chosen a better one and it's something that we'll never forget....the weather, the location, the camaraderie, the sense of achievement, the Murphy's, the pain.......!
.... Very disappointing not to come in first and while I understand that the rules allow for rotating the cox I feel that the moral victory was ours. I don't see the point in only rowing 80% of this event!
Ed and I are very grateful for all the help, advice and encouragement that so many in the club have given us and now we''ve got the 'racing bug' we are already looking forward to the next event.....!
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Posted: 11:19:09 - 08/06/2011

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