Sahara Trek to raise money for Odyssey Cancer Charity
Kathy Iffla and Jude Evans will be taking part.....


Kathy and Jude will be amongst a group of 12 people who are raising money for the cancer charity Odyssey by taking part in a week long trek across the Sahara in Southern Morocco. 

 They will be leaving on Saturday, October 20th and will cover a distance of almost 100km on foot

 Hugo Iffla will be leading the trekkers- who have all been asked to fundraise to support Odyssey,- Harry Constable will be the medic and Claire Davies will also be there with Jude and Kathy.

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Jude said she was really looking forward to the trek… “ Kathy, Claire and I are all really excited about this trek. As many of us know lots of fundraising events have been held locally over the last year to support Odyssey and I am thrilled to be joining Kathy and Claire as part of this group.”

 "We’ll be leaving this Saturday, Oct 20th, flying out of Heathrow to Quarzazte, the capital of Southern Morocco and the threshold of the Sahara.  On Sunday we will have a 6+hour journey by coach/open truck to our start point of Oum Jrane."

"We’ll be starting the trek early on Monday morning and over the next five days we’ll cover approximately 100km!"

" Hugo has told us that we will encounter all sorts of terrain, from rocky gorges, stony plains and sand dunes, with the longest day's walk being about 25km."

" Although the temperature can vary widely , the biggest challenges can be walking in the heat and of course the dreaded blisters! The temperature at the moment in the Sahara is about 29 -  but may well fall below freezing at night! Compensation for that will be camping under the huge night skies and the dramatic scenery and of course the cameraderie and the massive sense of achievement at the end!!"

"Kathy, Claire and I have self funded the trek so that all money raised will go directly to Odyssey .

"If anyone would like to sponsor me , please go to my Just Giving page  -


"The Sahara trek will be an amazing challenge but luckily we are all reasonably fit so hopefully we will cope ok with the terrain and the temperatures.  The three of us now can’t wait to get going! "




Posted: 15:05:37 - 17/10/2012

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